10 Things: Sibling Edition

10 Things: Sibling Edition

10 Things: Sibling Edition

The past couple of months have been absolutely beautiful and have just completely flown by! I rounded up a few things I just wanted to share in hopes I wouldn’t forget them all.

  1. Our sweet Elianna was born and has been an absolute gem! I can’t get over just how much Asher ADORES her! I just know he will always have her back and it’s the most comforting feeling ever. Whenever she cries, he rushes over to her and says “shh, its ok. Ashers here!”. He has been so sweet and loving towards her and has yet to act jealous! He is always making sure she is okay and is always trying to cuddle her.

  2. I am convinced babies proceeding the first born are just built tougher and are more resilient. No matter how much of a helicopter mom I can be, Asher still finds a way to be rambunctious. He was off the walls the other day, being his usual goofy butt, and he was playing with a beach ball in the house and it ended up hitting Elianna on the side of the head.. And she still slept through it lol. It was a soft blow up ball but still lol.

  3. I bought Asher a baby doll that looks just like his baby sister. He loves to feed and burp her when I am feeding Elianna (he even named her Elianna haha). Well.. his baby doll was extra hungry one day and he decided to feed her my breast milk (that I had freshly pumped) .. which of course ended up just spilling everywhere. “Whoever said “don’t cry over spilled milk” obviously never pumped.”

  4. Asher is very protective of his baby sis, as i’ve mentioned. He is always monitoring people who are too close to her. I took him to her doctor’s appointment and he had to sit next to her on the table while she got checked out. When the doctor would try to hold her and check her reflexes, he would get in the way or take his toy shark and pretend it was swimming to come save his baby sis LOL. I laughed so hard every time he did that!

  5. Asher thinks Elianna is his baby and always tries to boss people around when it comes to doing anything for her. My mom was going to pick her up to hold her the other day and he sternly says “Let the baby sleep!” hahaha who is this guy?!

  6. One thing that made my heart melt was when I was cuddling the baby and just got caught up staring at her, because I could do that all day, and Asher then says to me “ the baby loves you, she loves you sooooo much.” It literally made me want to cry!

  7. When she was just born he loved to hold her, but when she would cry he would hand her back to me and say “he needs it’s mother” HAHAHA . So sweet. It blew my mind that he was so understanding instead of jealous!

  8. Hand/foot/mouth was going around at Ashers daycare. I got a call from the daycare center because they thought Asher had it and they wanted me to get him checked out. ( I was sure it was just his bug bites, but I went to get him just in case). I was so stressed about it cause Asher is always ALL over the baby and it made me panic. The docs checked him out and they were just mosquito bites. Heart attack avoided.

  9. As I mentioned before I think younger siblings are just born more resilient by default. Elianna has already had a eye infection…in both eyes... smh

  10. Stephen and Asher were playing Batman the other day and then Asher says “We have to save Princess Elianna!” haha I just thought that was the cutest thing ever haha

Bonus: We dropped Elianna off at my aunt’s house so we could take Asher to a party, he was SOOO upset that we were leaving his sister behind. He had the biggest meltdown, it made me so sad. He was SCREAMING and crying and telling us he didn’t want to leave and that he wanted to stay with the baby. When I say he was screaming, you would have thought someone was getting murdered. I don’t think i’ve ever seen him so upset. We told him his cousin Lincoln would be there at the party and that still didn’t cheer him up! He cried the whole car ride until we got to the party. I actually had Stephen pull over because I was debating whether or not we should just leave him with his sis. Towards the end of the party I thought it would be hard to get him to leave but all we had to tell him was that we were going to get his sister and that was all he needed to hear. He dropped what he was doing and was ready to go!

Well that is all, stay tuned for more family updates on the two mini loves of my life!!!