What To Pack In Your Pumping Bag!

What To Pack In Your Pumping Bag!

1. Breast Pump : Medela Advanced Electric Double Pump

I have used this particular breast pump for both of my babies and it has worked great for us!

2. Water/Snacks

Since breastmilk is 88% water, we know it is so important to stay hydrated when you are pumping/breastfeeding ! I would also suggest snacks to keep you fueled.

3. Insulated Bags/Cooler Packs/ Mini Fridge & Fridge

These are just perfect for properly storing your milk after a pumping session when you’re on the go. I also found a mini fridge that was such a great price (this can be an option for pumping at work and keeping plugged in by your desk!)

4. Extra Pump Parts : valves , tubing , flanges , connectors

This is always a good idea to travel with as backup in case anything happens to any of the parts, like a torn membrane, since every part is crucial for the pump to work efficiently.

5. Hands Free Pumping Bra

This has been a total GAME CHANGER! I can’t say enough good things about it. It makes multitasking possible which is ALWAYS needed when you have a baby. I recommend getting one to any/everyone!

6. Breast Pads

I feel like I am always leaking even after a good pumping session. I have found that these keep me nice and dry, otherwise my shirts are just soaked.

7. Nursing Cover

These are nice to have if you are pumping in your car or a public area and just need a little privacy.

8. Cleaning Wipes

Perfect for cleaning on the go if you’re just not in a place that provides you a location to properly clean your parts.

9. Wet/Dry Bag

This is to store the pumping parts after they have been washed/cleaned up.

10. Storage Bottles/Caps

There are some pumping sessions, like the first one in the morning, when I personally surpass the limit of the bottles so it’s just always nice to have spare bottles!