1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump 

2. Upspring Milk Flow - I have been using this herbal supplement for weeks now and it really has helped increase my supply! I read mixed reviews about the taste online but I personally really like it.

3. Nursing Bra 

4. Water - Staying hydrated is so important when breastfeeding/pumping. I personally have a bottle of water every time I pump as recommended!

5. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags - This has been crucial when building up my freezer stash.

6. Formula Mixer - This is nice to have in the beginning stages of pumping sessions when supplementing with formula, before your milk supply has been fully established. I used formula to supplement when I was first starting out and I love the convenience of this mixer!

7. Drying Rack - This is nice for the constant washing of the pumping part.

8. Soothie Cooling Gel Pads - .. because, sore nipples.

9. Nuby Bottles -  These are the bottles we used as we transitioned from breast to bottle and it was actually a relatively easy transition. We  have since switched to Avent bottles ( look out for a complete bottle review on all of the bottles we have tried out!)

10. Hands Free Nursing Bra - This hands free nursing bra is EVERYTHING! I can’t say enough great things about it! It makes multitasking so convenient.

11. Lanolin Cream - this is nice to have to help soothe sore nipples in the beginning stages of breastfeeding/pumping.

12. Lactation Cookies - I absolutely LOVE these cookies, they are super delicious and have helped maintain my supply! ( I have also written a blog post about this here!).

13. Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Sanitizing Bags - this is nice for sanitizing bottles and pump parts quickly.

14. Nursing Pillow - When I was first starting out, I would have such terrible posture when breastfeeding, this was nice to have because it helped lift and support the baby (without affecting my comfort).

15. Stay Dry Nursing Pads -  love using these after a good pumping session to avoid soaked shirts!