Lactation Cookies

A few weeks ago I made lactation cookies for my cousin, Lindsey. She had just given birth to her beautiful baby boy, Henry, and I wanted to bring her a guilt-free treat. When I had just given birth to my son, Asher, I was having trouble with my milk supply so I went online looking for anything and everything that would help. I read that there were some key foods that could help increase the supply of breast milk. I found this amazing recipe and I was seriously HOOKED instantly. I remember having them for breakfast and loving it, they were the highlight of my day and instantly became part of my morning routine. I honestly couldn't get enough of them. They were just so delicious, flavorful, and satisfying; I recommend them to everyone. This batch was made with all organic ingredients (except for the butter, I realized super last minute that we were out so I had to pack Asher up and run to the grocery store so I wouldn't be late to meet up with Lindsey. I was running too late to go to Whole Foods so I just had to settle for Market Basket). I was in such a rush that I just don't know how I managed to even make a decent batch! She loved them and that's all that mattered. It helped with her supply as well which was awesome! It helped a lot with my supply but it wasn't enough. My supply wasn't that great because I was just plain awful at drinking water and I didn't realize just how crucial it actually was (which totally sounds ridiculous whenever I think of it haha). I know better for next time though. The main ingredients that are the most help in increasing milk supply are the oats, flax seeds, coconut oil, and brewers yeast- whoever thought of making these into cookie form was just plain genius (and clearly after my own heart).

Ingredients and recipe found here: