Baby Number 2!

I can’t even begin to express my sheer excitement for baby #2 !! Stephen and I are OVER THE MOON, we just couldn’t be more grateful!! We decided on September 26 that we wanted to start trying for another baby. I should preface this by saying Stephen has been asking for another baby since Asher was 6 weeks old… LOL! He wanted all these babies asap. Oh lordy lol. We have always wanted a big family but I just wanted to make sure we had a few things in order before we dove right in for another. I was also getting adjusted to all the craziness of motherhood and I really just wanted to enjoy my time with Asher and truly get a handle on things. I got to stay home with him for the year and it was the BEST decision Stephen & I have ever made. I learned so much about myself and my baby and became so confident about what was best for him. I just got to fully soak in the whole motherhood experience. So this time when we decided to start trying, after months and months of talking about it and planning (I literally need a plan for everything), I was waiting for one last thing to fall in place. On September 26th the last piece I needed to fall in place finally did (yes sorry I’m being vague, I do like to keep some things private lol). We just knew that it was the right time!

I’m super impatient and whenever I want something I seriously have tunnel vision for it. On September 29th I got my period and was pretty bummed LOL, I wanted to be pregnant on the spot the moment we decided haha. Anyways so right after that we started trying again and I just woke up one day in October and was just SO sure I was pregnant! I don’t know how to explain it and I’m sure I sound crazy but I just knew I had to be. Anyways, I randomly had this weirdo rash on my hip that had been there for a month that I wanted to get checked out so I finally made an appointment to do so, and when I was there I asked to also take a pregnancy test. It came back negative but I honestly didn’t let it phase me because I just knew I was pregnant. I even told the doctor it was wrong and that I was sure I was pregnant and we had a good laugh about it because he saw how sure I was. He said that even if I was it would be too soon to tell on a test. So I waited another week or so, and on October 26 I took another test and of course it came back positive! I was just SO happy, Stephen wasn’t surprised at ALL lol it was as if I told him the sky was blue or something, he was just so matter of fact about it and said “I know” with a big smile on his face haha. We just laughed and hugged, we were so excited.

Man, when I say God is good, I am not kidding. Literally one month to the day that we decided that we wanted a baby and tried, we found out that we were pregnant. I spent that whole month thinking “ I have to be pregnant, I just need to have my July baby!”. Our due date is July 6th btw, how absolutely perfect! (Maybe I’ll share the significance of July later on, just know that as last minute as it was, July was just going to be the perfect month for us!).

I spent the month of October just so focused on nothing but positive vibes. I made it a point to eat super healthy and only have water with my meals. I also replaced my morning coffee with water as well.. I surprisingly didn’t have any caffeine headaches! I was truly surprised because I have cut out coffee cold turkey before and it was brutal but this time it was nothing!  I basically just wanted to start prepping my body for the amazing journey ahead.

I truly feel like it was God’s plan for everything to happen the way it did because of how everything just fell into place for July and how QUICKLY everything happened. We just feel so unbelievably blessed to be where we are at this stage in our lives with so many positive things happening for us.

All in all that’s our little story for baby #2, stay tuned for a bumpdate where I will fill you in on my first trimester!!