Bumpdate: First Trimester Complete!

Bumpdate: First Trimester Complete!

Ok so I am officially past my first trimester, and I’m already looking the way I did when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Asher! I knew I was going to get bigger faster, but I was surprised at how fast! Stephen was convinced it was just all the food I had been eating hahaha UGH! I was eating an incredible amount but I was like “there is just no way!”. I seriously could see a little bump at 6/7 weeks. So after trying to convince him that women start showing sooner on the second pregnancy, we of course had to consult with a few google articles and the doctor; he was just blown away LOL. I was wearing maternity clothes starting at 7 weeks, I was tired of feeling like a predator walking about with unzipped/unbuttoned pants lol.

I was convinced I had gained at the very least 10 pounds and at my 10 week check-up, I got on the scale and it said that I had LOST 2 pounds?! I was stunned and asked them when was the last time they calibrated their scale because there was just no way! After talking to my mom she was reminding me just how sick I had been and throwing up so much really negated just how much I was really eating. But still, I was really eating non-stop! At my ten week checkup I weighed as much as I did before I found out I was pregnant but its fine, doc says it happens. When I was pregnant with Asher I lost about 5 pounds my first trimester since I had been so sick. I was sick for 22 weeks with him. Everyone kept saying that after 12 weeks I would start feeling better, that just wasn’t the case with him. But I am starting to think that with this baby I will be feeling better sooner. I have been sick but not as sick as I was with Asher. 

With this pregnancy, I only started feeling sick in the evenings and then would get sick in the middle of the night. I literally couldn’t sleep at night from the nausea. From the hours of 12:00am-3:00am you could find me researching all things baby related and/or pregnancy related since I was sick to my stomach. I am always trying to find out new things and just freshen up my baby knowledge. When I was pregnant with Asher that was literally all I did, day in and day out, constantly research things about babies haha. I remember one day I texted my sister asking her “how will I know how many layers of clothes to put on a baby when they are born?” haha. I had questions about everything, okay. So when I wasn’t talking about babies I was definitely reading about them. I just didn’t want to go into shock when he got here. I just wanted to be really fully prepared. I was worried about EVERYTHING! One thing I was really worried about was that he wouldn’t know I was his mother… I’ve told this story in a previous post before so I won’t get into it again, but basically I thought he just wouldn’t know I was his mom and it actually made me so sad lol. I had skyped my best friend who was backpacking in South East Asia at the time and was telling her that I was worried that he wouldn’t know who I was. It’s actually really funny though because of course he absolutely knows who I am ( he calls me mama… when he’s not calling me Claire..). He went through this phase when he would call everyone, including my dad, “mama”! I was like “a-ha! I knew it, I knew it!!!!” LOL.  I thought it was more funny than anything else though. I know it’s really because whenever anyone would do anything for him that I would do, it would remind him of me because he attributed me with those things, and that it really wasn’t anything personal at all. He wasn’t actually confused and he knew who his real mama was. It’s funny because all of the things I stayed up at night worrying about before Asher was born really weren’t that big of a deal when he was actually here. That’s what I would tell my old self, “it won’t really matter when he’s actually here”.

ANYWAYS flash forward to now, I’m just more on the excited side of things. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a total worry wart with Asher (jk I was lol), but I was also SUPER excited back then. I’m just more on the relaxed/excited side now! Since I know what to expect with another baby, I’m just taking in the experience more. I don’t know how to explain it, I am just so much more relaxed. I have been staying up in the middle of the night reading more to stay on top of things like I have mentioned but I just don’t have that doubt in myself like I did before. I think the only thing that I might start to worry about as time goes on is how Asher will react. He’s such an amazing little guy, I just know he is going to be an awesome big brother. I also know he will go through a jealous phase so I will be reading up on ways to make him feel more included and special. But I have a feeling he will be awesome!

Also, I am going to be in a wedding when I’ll be 8 months along! I’m so exciteddddd, another one of my besties is getting married so that will be tons of fun. I feel like this pregnancy has been going quicker and less stressful this time around.

Stay tuned for a more detailed first trimester bumpdate where I will be filling you in with all the crazy ins and outs!