As Fall-like as these pictures look, they were actually taken a few weeks ago! I feel like a cheater haha. I think they were taken end of July/early August actually. It's so strange how my memory works because I can tell what I did on a particular day based on what I wore. Stephen makes fun of me because he's brought up events in conversation and I ask him what I wore that day as if he would remember haha, but sometimes he surprises me! Anyways he's really descriptive since he knows my memory is awful so I can usually pinpoint it after asking about a million questions and remembering what I wore. He was talking to me about a wedding we went to a few years ago and I just had no idea what he was talking about or even who's wedding it was! Then he described the dress I wore and ALL OF A SUDDEN it was clear as day LOL. What is wrong with me?

This day in particular Stephen and I spent some time at the park with mister baby before we had to bring back the lens that I rented to the local camera shop. I remember looking at the pictures and thinking it was so crazy just how much it looked like Fall. It's not that I saved them in particular for a Fall post, I have just been so insanely busy and never got the chance. It all worked out because now its Fall and actually looks the part haha.