Hello, Fall!

Labor Day weekend always marks the end of summer time. Normally I would be upset about that but this year I am really so excited about the Fall! I think I mentioned it before but it really is my (new) favorite season. It holds a special place in my heart since its the season that I became a mother<3 Speaking of that, holy cow! Asher is going to be 1 in a few weeks... WHAT!!!!!! I just seriously can't believe it! He is the funniest baby with the biggest personality. He loves to flirt and get attention from all the ladies. He loves being the center of attention but then pretends to be shy, it really is the funniest thing to watch! Whenever he sees a girl he shouts until they look over and then he shows off his two front teeth haha!! I cant believe how much of a personality he already has, and he can't even speak yet. I am so grateful that God picked me to be his mother, it truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

A majority of these pictures were a failed attempt at a family selfie since Asher is getting so grabby! He loves to copy everything that we do and is so fascinated with how everything works! He took a couple of pictures of us too! I left the blurry pictures and silly off centered ones becuase it still makes me laugh just how much he fought us for the selfie stick haha I mixed in some photos that Stephen took of us so that it wasn't just blurry cell phone pics lol

I am so happy to embrace the Fall! Everything about it, the changing leaves, pumpkin everything and the fashion of course! I am so ready to start layering clothes. That's the one thing I love about New England, the changing seasons bring suchhhhh diversity! (Flash forward to winter when i'm crying and complaining about how much I miss the warm weather and hate driving in the snow haha).

Asher just got baptized two weekends ago and his birthday party is just a few weeks away so it's been an incredibly busy past few weeks! I love party planning but I always get overly stressed out that things just won't work out but I am seriously sooooooo soooo lucky to have my sister because she is literally Pinterst in human form haha she lives for parties and party planning & everything she touches turns to GOLD!

That said, I have been MIA from the blog and I wanted to post more often but something ALWAYS comes up. I have been working on time management though, so hopefully things get more consistent!

Stay tuned for the big birthday party post :)