Smolak Farm

Last weekend I was looking online for pumpkin patches in our city and this was the first place that popped up. I have never been here before and I saw an image of a small little pumpkin patch and thought that that was all it was. So I basically thought the 3 of us were going to walk into this little pumpkin patch with like 6 pumpkins, snap a couple pics and head home...haha I was so wrong!

It was supposed to be about 10 minutes from us but right as we were on the last road leading to the farm there was a dead stop. It should have taken about 1 minute to get there at this point, well there was so much traffic that it took half an hour! I was thinking to myself, damn, these must be quite the pumpkins! haha Asher and I both fell asleep in the meantime lol. We just couldn't believe how packed that road leading into the farm actually was! It was clearly the place to be. So we finally get there and IMAGINE MY SURPRISE! It wasn't just a little pumpkin patch at all hahaha. I have heard of Smolack Farm before but it just completely slipped my mind and when I saw the little pumpkin patch online I just thought nothing of it. It was obviously so much bigger than I thought it would be, it was basically like a Fair, minus the rides lol. They had places to sit and eat, animals, and pumpkins (obviously). Stephen and Asher fed the animals! Asher got so close, it was really cute. Thank goodness for fences though, he loves to play rough haha.

When we got there Asher had just woken up and he was a grumpy Gus just like his mama LOL. Before having a baby, when I would get woken up from a nice sleep I would get so cranky. Earlier on when Asher was just born and we were barely sleeping, Stephen would always say "never wake up a sleeping wife" HAHAHA. He would always make sure I would get enough sleep, he is the sweetest. Anywas, it's so funny how much alike Asher and I are, obviously we would be because he's my kid but I just mean personality-wise. Anyone that knows me knows I can either stay up for hours and hours on end, no problem, or sleep like it's my job! So when Asher woke up this day he was like- what the hell guys! haha 

That picture with the three of us in the truck with the pumpkin  face cutout is my favorite! hahaha! Asher is so upset because he tapped his head on the photo prop board and he's so dramatic and wanted nothing to do with it since LOL. He's just so cute and happy all the time that seeing him frown is such a rare occurrence, I had to share it.

I hope you all are enjoying Fall so far! We are working on a Fall lookbook with Asher, I just LOVE kids fashion! This will take a bit to post haha. He loves exploring so much these days and it's SOOOO much fun. We love taking him on adventures, he has got to the the coolest kid out there<3