Sweet Summer Time

I can't believe it is already mid-August! Earlier today I found myself wondering where the summer has gone. The stores already have their Fall lines out :( It has been grossly hot out lately and Fall is my favorite season so I can't say i'm too heartbroken about all this. I am having an awesome summer with friends and family so I can't complain. I am super excited about the Fall though! I love layering clothes, Fall fashion is just more fun to me for some reason. I also LOVE the Fall because that was the season when I became a mother. Anything and everything that is related to Asher makes me SO happy and those things become my favorite things haha a bit obsessive, but that's ok. When he was about 4 months old I got a bag with his face blown up on the front of it haha I hope I can keep it in good enough condition to wear it to his freshmen year college orientation! LOL 

Anyways, none of this has anything to do with this post! It was supposed to be an outfit post but i'm new at this and I don't really know what to say about it. I've been loving Abercrombie this summer. I bought this bodycon top in two colors, black (as shown above) and gray. I love them! It just fits so well and the cutout design on the back is everything! I remember when I was pregnant and felt as big as a house, I kept thinking to myself that I couldn't wait to get back in shape and that when I was I would wear form fitting things ALL  the time! I paired this top with destroyed high-rise light colored jean shorts. I always like to pair articles of clothing with opposite shades. If I am going to wear a dark top then I pair it with a light bottom- vice versa. For the past couple of years I have tried not to invest in too many destroyed jeans because I feel like after a few washes they just don't look good anymore. I don't feel too bad about these jeans though since I got them on sale for $19.99! I got the top for $19, it was on sale and I had a coupon. Abercrombie will have secret sales every once in a while and I will get emails about them. The nice thing about A&F is that they will honor the online prices so if they have the item in store then they will let you purchase at the online price. The receipts print out with a $10 off of $50 coupon that you can get a code for if you fill out the survey. I am a sucker for a coupon! So you better believe I am always filling out these surveys! haha

Asher's outfit is from baby Gap. His shorts were $8 and his top was $3. I just love khaki shorts for guys, they match EVERYTHING! His shirt says "Listen Up" which is perfect because he is already talking our ears off haha He is so vocal and fun these days <3 Nothing but laughs and baby screeches. 

So that's the story behind this look! I'll try to post more outfit pictures with the prices and how I got such good deals. I am always looking for good deals when I go shopping and love to hear about getting them to. 

Hope you guys enjoyed it!