Deal Of The Day

I wore this outfit to one of our date nights last week. Stephen and I double dated with my sister-in-law Kesey & her boyfriend, we went out to dinner and to see Sausage Fest. That movie was seriously so hialrious and ridiculous! All you could hear was Kelsey laughing the entire movie. I swear her laugh was the soundtrack of that movie hahaha I would totally see it again. I am the worst movie date though, I have to admit. It is seriously so rare that I don't fall asleep at the theater! No matter how funny, interesting or action packed the movie is! I always fall asleep. So basically Stephen just takes me for the company cause the only movie conversation I can participate in after we watch it is about the first 15 minutes. I always pretend I was awake the whole time but he knows haha. So Anyways I actually stayed up this entire movie, so that says something? Jk. I got lucky :p

I got this bralette on super sale! I got an email form Abercrombie about a secret sale going on for 2 days. As I've said in a previous post they honor the online prices in store. The bralettes were $20 each in store but they were on sale online for $8! How amazing! BUT THEN, I had a coupon that was $10 off of $50 so that brought my total for the bralette down to $5.24! Needless to say I got a few! I also got this top for $9 after my coupon too! So that's that for my deal of the day!