Until next time..

I am not quite sure where the time has gone but these pictures were taken almost a month ago! Asher turns 9 months old in 3 days, when did this happen?

These pictures were taken when we went to Canada. It was our last day there so we decided to drive around and grab lunch and just hang out at the park. When we were walking over to the park there was a HUGE hill that I wanted to climb to check out the view, but it felt like it was 105F! It was such a hot day and I was feeling too lazy to do it. As motivation Stephen took Asher, who was in the stroller, and ran up the hill and made me chase them! He refused to come down unless Melissa and I came up... so that's that we did haha. That hill was a killer, but it was worth it! It was really nice and peaceful. Stephen couldn't find his phone and he thought he dropped it when he was running up the hill. It was SO hot so he didn't want to go back down just to come back up the hill but he also didn't want it to go missing. Poor guy had to run down that hill and look for his phone, turned out it was safely in the car haha. He looked like he died 3 times when he got back to the top of that hill!

Later on we went to my aunts house to visit more family and called it a night! Such a great trip, can't wait to go back <3