Birthday lovin'

These are just a few pictures from Melissa and Dylan's birthday party! I couldn't find a picture of him looking haha hes shy :p We had such a great time. I got to see some of her friends that I hadn't seen in ages! I seriously love family gatherings, I am my happiest when I am surrounded by my family<3. There was a DJ there and the music was blaring pretty loud and Asher STILL managed to fall asleep haha. I could tell he was getting tired since he was starting to be a little fussy. Stephen left with him and sang him right to sleep. When they came back Asher was in a deep sleep! He stayed asleep even though the music was so loud. :)

I mentioned in a previous post that Melissa and Dylan had a joint birthday party. Dylan's birthday party was from 12pm-4pm and Melissa's birthday party was from 4pm-whenever.  When Stephen and I were getting ready to leave the party (at 9pm like the cool kids that we are LOL) he notices Dylan's cake! Apparently Dylan had two cakes so after they sang him happy birthday and cut his original cake he still had another one left over. Stephen sees this cake and says hes wants to taste it! He wanted to taste this uncut cake! This man was trying to cut into a cake that belonged to the birthday boy... I nearly FAINTED! I know this was technically a second cake and the real one was already cut into but to be perfectly honest if that was my second, third or fourth cake that he tried to cut into well..... it's my party and I can cry if I want to! haha. We went back and fourth because he was so sure that Dylan's mom (my cousin, Linda) wasn't going to care... I said HEAVENS TO BETSEY! IT'S A NO NO NO NO! So anyways my cousin Linda comes over and Stephen asks her if he can taste this cake (it was a nice Haitian cake) and she says yes! I nearly ate my foot! I said "wahhhhhhhtt?" ok ok. So i'm over here truly confused because this is just not how cake cutting works!! I am also tots jealous and bitter at this point because I thought I was going to be right and laughing at him with my dear cousin.. So as the sore loser that I am I start a rumor that Stephen was a glutton for cake!! LOL. Back story: my family is amazing in the senses that when they know you like something they will literally give it to you until it comes out of your nose! If I ever mention anything that I like to my parents or my cousins/aunts/uncles they will bring an endless supply! 

SO anyways when my aunts heard that Stephen loved cake so much they packed him over half of the cake HAHAHA and half of another cake too!!! It made me so happy inside because I was literally laughing at him because he was going to have to eat all this cake.

Have you guys ever seen Matilda? There is an epic scene when Bruce has to eat a cake because he stole a slice from the Principal Ms. Trunchbull. She was so upset she called for an assembly in the auditorium and made him eat a whole entire chocolate cake on stage in front of his peers. He gets so stuffed and discouraged because this was an extremely large cake. Right as he is ready to quit you just see little Matilda stand up in the crown and yell "You Can Do it, Brucey!" hahaha.  From that point he gains the courage to eat the whole cake because the entire auditorium is full of his peers chanting and encouraging him! So in my heart I was chanting " You Can Do It, Stephen!" hahaha 

That may have been the highlight of the trip for me :p