Martha's Vinyard

My mother, sister and I vacationed at the Cape for a few days. Our first stop was Martha’s Vinyard. We had such an amazing time. It was my first time visiting and my mother’s as well! I completely fell in love with the ginger bread houses, I called my husband when we were there and asked him to buy me one haha. They are the cutest homes ever. We went right before peak season so it was really dead and we had so much of the neighborhoods all to ourselves. We walked around for hours and hours. I brought my camera and tripod stand to take some pictures with my mom and sister while the kiddies slept. It was so windy that day but I was determined to have a group picture so I set up the tripod stand with the timer and run over to my mom and sister. I swear after thirty seconds all I could see was my tripod stand tipping over about to land on the sidewalk and smash into a million pieces! My heart almost fell out of my butt! Conveniently there was a passerby that happened to be walking along that sidewalk at the exact moment that it was about to fall over and caught it! I was seriously so happy and relieved haha I was feeling pretty darn lucky … that was up until the evening.

We were headed back to the Hyline boat that was supposed to pick us up from Oaks Bluff and bring us back to West Yarmouth where we were staying. We were waiting for the boat and my sister took out the tickets to get them ready and that was when she realized that the boat was supposed to leave the hour before we even got there. See the thing that was so frustrating was that we spoke to the captain as we were leaving the boat that morning and we asked him when they were coming to get everyone and he said 5:30pm, twice… well apparently he was confused because the boats were really to have arrive at 4:30pm!!! So when we show up waiting for our boat it had already sailed off! Can you imagine the mini heart attack we all had? I was most stressed because I knew that I was right about to run out of food for Asher because I only had about 2 bottles left, so naturally panic set in. I imagined us all sleeping on a park bench like little orphan Annie and her friends. I just couldn’t believe that we had missed the boat. Since it was off season there was only one boat that was supposed to come pick up and drop everyone back off so we thought we were totally screwed! My mom and my sister asked a few of the locals and they told us that in the next town over we could take a taxi to another boat that could bring us to Woods Hole which was about 2 hours away from our hotel. When we finally got to Woods Hole we had to take a taxi back to West Yarmouth and of course we end up with the sketchiest taxi driver. He got a call from one of his friends asking for him to pick up a 6 pack of beer for him cause all the stores were closing early that day since it was a Sunday… and he actually does it! With us in the car! We were totally weirded out when we had to sit there waiting for him to come back. Conveniently they didn’t have the beer and cigarettes he wanted so we didn’t have to run his errand with him haha needless to say we were SO happy when we finally got back to our hotel room! Despite the mini heart attack and sketchy cab ride, it was an awesome day!  :)