We had a really relaxed day in Hyannis. We just mellowed out and went driving around planning for our trip to Nantucket. We went to breakfast at iHOP that morning and I was in heaven because I absolutely love it there haha. There is just something so comforting about breakfast food! After that we went to a mall recommended by our taxi driver the day prior, he claimed it was this really huge mall and that it was the biggest one he has been too so naturally us women got super excited about it and went. We show up there and .... it was not exactly impressive haha I don't know what we expected since it was coming from a guy! We should have known better! lol 

When we were driving around I finally got to see the Kennedy compound! ..not that there was too much to see since it is so private but we got a little peak :) we then drove around some more and just looked at the beautiful houses there. Later on we got dinner and hung out. We planned on watching movies but we were so tired from the whole day we just fell asleep watching My 600 Pound Life... I didn't hate it!