You Are My "At Last".

My husband and I just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary! We celebrated it all weekend long and it couldn't have been more perfect! We went out to eat everyday, watched a few movies, stayed up late watching our shows, and had a few drinks. My guy seriously knows how to spoil a lady!!!! On the day of our actual anniversary we had champagne and cut into the top layer of our wedding cake that my mom had saved for us in the freezer! It was SUCH a great cake, still so creamy, moist and delicious. I was telling Stephen I wish the weekend wouldn't end because I felt like a princess! He is honestly the best, kindest, sweetest, most amazing man. We have been best friends for going on 12 years now! We have been together for 7 years and I just feel so blessed to have him in my life. This past year has had its struggles and has truly been the most challenging year of my life but we were really lucky to have each other through it all. We welcomed our first child, Asher Clark, in this past year and we mourned the death of my father-in-law all in one breath. Now, this along with other life changes including job changes and the stress of adjusting to our new lives really felt like it was taking a toll at times. We laughed a lot and we cried a lot; oh man it was one heck of a year. Honestly, after a year like the one we just had we joked about how if we could make it through this year then there is nothing we couldn't face together haha. It was a very trying year with all of the changes, heartache and joy. I couldn't even imagine my life without him, i'm just so grateful I never have to.

Cheers to one year and a hundred more!