Cable-Knit Sweaters & Wool Ponchos.

Is it just me or has it been blistering cold out lately? I am one  of those people who are always, always cold! Fall is my favorite season for a number of reasons, one being fashion of course. I just love being able to layer clothes, wear over-sized sweaters, big chunky scarves, you name it. As much as I love the chilly weather though, I always hold out as long as possible before transitioning my summer clothes. I don't know why I do that, i'm just always in denial I guess. I keep thinking it will be super warm the next day and that cold days are just a fluke.

I have finally started to "dress appropriately", in my mothers words haha. As ridiculous as this sounds, I think  I started to value the importance of dressing appropriately back in college. During my sophomore year, I went to spend winter break in Montreal with my family. Right before I left my mom bought me the nicest, warmest North Face jacket, it had fleece on the inside too. It was honestly the warmest jacket I have ever had since I usually find myself wearing something cute but flimsy during the winter. Everyone always talks about how Montreal is just way too cold, but honestly with that jacket I felt like I had some kind of super power. I felt like nothing was going to penetrate the layers of that jacket, it had me feeling like Luke Cage hahaha. 

All that to say that this was my first attempt at dressing appropriately. Especially now having Asher I always MAKE SURE he is nice and toasty. I love these sweaters because they are fashionable and yet still appropriate.