Cake Smash!

I can't believe it's already been a week since my little guy turned 1! These pictures were taken on his birthday. I wanted him to have a smash cake with us because I wasn't sure if he would be enjoying it with the huge birthday crowd at his party. I thought he might cry while everyone sang happy birthday to him, but nope. He basically just lucked out and got two cakes to himself haha.

It has only been a week since his birthday and he is already doing big things! He took his first steps yesterday at my sisters house! He walked from the coffee table to the couch! It was more like a sprint actually haha. I think he was scared, he was also wearing socks so it was slippery. He did that about 3 times! The first time he took about 3 steps and the next time as well. I caught the last attempt on camera but it was like barely 2 steps haha. That always happens when I try to capture special moments, but the time I have the camera handy he is totally over it! lol I was just SO happy!!! I really wanted to be there when he took his first steps. Best Halloween ever! After that, the next few times he tried to walk he fell and went back to crawling haha.


These pictures were taken in my living room. I used white seamless paper from Walmart and taped it to the wall to make my backdrop. I went to the dollar store and bought about 10-12 packs of tissue paper to make the white and blue tissue paper flower pom-poms! The night before his birthday I was up until 3:00am working on things for his party and made these as well. They are super easy to make, my mom and hubby loved them so much they said I should use them for his party... too bad he ruined them all with cake by the end of the photoshoot hahaha. It was honestly the funnest thing. I also made the pennant banner that says "ONE" on it with the elephants. I actually made it a lot bigger and there was another layer to it but it kept falling apart so I couldn't use it :( I used card-stock paper from AC Moore to construct it. I went to Joann Fabrics buy a cover for the cake stand, I fell in love with that shimmering turquoise fabric. There was so much work that went into actually designing this photoshoot, but I am really glad I did it. It's so fun bringing these visions to life. I have never been more creative until having a baby!  I feel like I am always doing arts and crafts now haha. Can't wait until he is a bit older so we can work on projects together. 

I would not have been able to do ANY of this stuff though if it weren't for THE best sidekick ever. Stephen was on SUPER daddy duty for over a week so I could finish wrapping my projects up. This would have been one sad photoshoot if I didn't have him. I am always chewing his head off whenever I have a project or shoot, I feel like such a stage-mom hahaha. So terrible. He truly is the best at everything that goes on behind the scenes<3 It also helps that Asher is THE easiest baby to work with too!

P.s. Have you ever had cake that tasted so good, you had to use your feet to help you eat it faster? hahaha Asher is TOO MUCH!