Happy 1st Birthday, Baby!

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby!

My baby is officially one year old! Yes, 12 whole beautiful months have come and gone. Motherhood has been the best experience for me, I have been having so much fun with it. I have learned to laugh at myself and I am still learning to lighten up  about things that stress me out so much. I just want to be a good mom and I am doing my best- that just has to be good enough. I have also learned it's important to not take everything I read and hear so seriously because parenting just isn't one size fits all. Asher has taught me more about my strengths and weakness this past year than I have learned in my entire life! I am so grateful for him, I can't say that enough. He is so fun, sweet, silly, dramatic and loving. 

I have been stressing about his first birthday party for the past two months, haha. Last month was his Dedication, it was so stressful juggling everything. We celebrated his birthday ALL weekend long, it was the best weekend by far!! Honestly his birthday party was just so much fun! I secretly wish every weekend was his birthday! My sister and I planned everything and we always have a crazy vision when it comes to parties because details are everything! 

When it came time to sing happy birthday to Asher I am not going to lie, I was a bit nervous. Everyone was crowded around him and singing so loud! I was anticipating him freaking out, crying or having a nervous reaction. You know what? He just totally LOVED it! We put the cake in front of him and as everyone was singing he was eating it haha. He was so happy and just smiling the entire time! Everyone was chanting for Stephen to put Asher's face in it! At first I was reluctant because I thought for sure he would cry and he still didn't! Stephen did it again and stlll nothing. My baby is the smash cake champion! He was nothing but smiles and laughter.  Cleaning him up was a whole other story though lol. Luckily his Godmother is the most patient person ever! My best friend Nyarie helped her out as well and he came out of the bathroom looking like a brand new baby! They did a better job than I could have that's for sure!

Side Note: shout out to my best friends, because teamwork makes the dream workkkkkkk! Kassie, her mama Kimley and Nyarie showed up 4 hours before the party started to help setup and wrap things up. My girls Blanca and Stephanie braved a nasty storm the night before to come over and finish putting together the goodie bags. My mother-in-law cut out all of the construction paper shapes needed to design the bags and my girls pasted them on the bags. They left around 1am! My long time best friend Betty helped me make the cardboard cutout farm animal photo prop that we are holding in a lot of the pictures! It cost $75 online so we decided to make it instead! I loved the result!! I stayed up until 3am a few days before the party painting it! My mother and I basically had a slumber party because I had to finish up a bunch of other things while she was up all night cooking! haha It would have been so much fun if we weren't so exhausted!

All in all, Asher had an amazing birthday weekend. We cut a cake for him on Friday and he loved it, of course! The next day we partied all day with him. All of our friends came to celebrate, friends that we have had since grade school! We ate, drank and were truly merry! On Sunday we just took it really slow and decided to unwind. We went to my sisters house to clean up from the party. At night we finally opened up all of his presents- perfect way to end the weekend.

My mom asked me what I would change about Asher's birthday and what I would do differently. The simple answer would be to plan for an indoor party and not just outdoor. It rained on and off for the first 45 min of the party. We had made a nice setup outside but we then had to move it inside. The sun came out and it was nice shortly after! I was just a bit stressed because of the weather but honestly it was still so so much fun that it really didn't matter. We had a bounce house outside and I doubt the kids even noticed the weather anyways haha.

I read a quote that said "Your birthday is the happiest day of my life".  October 21, 2015 truly was, and I know it will always be.

There were so many pictures that were taken during his party that I didn't have space to add them all on this post, but you can find the rest HERE.