Mystic Aquarium // Asher Turns Two!

Mystic Aquarium // Asher Turns Two!

About 5 months later and I am finally writing this post haha. These pictures were taken on Asher’s second birthday. If you follow me on Instagram you know that the day started off a bit stressful! The evening prior I noticed a mark on the bottom of Asher’s foot after giving him a bath. It freaked me out because it looked like a bruise. I had no idea where it had come from. When I applied pressure to it he didn’t react either so I didn’t know what it even was. It was a copper colored inch long mark on his foot. So naturally I consult with google (which there is always a 90% chance it is a bad idea!). I read about a woman who saw a similar mark on her husband’s foot and he ended up having a stroke! So I panicked and call up the pediatrician, she unfortunately couldn’t see him that day but had an opening first thing in the morning. I was so anxious and stayed up monitoring him. The internet makes me so paranoid, yet I never seem to learn a thing! Anyways the next morning comes along and before we head out for our adventure I pack the boys up in their PJs and head to the doctor’s office. She examines his foot and asks if he stepped on anything and that’s when I remembered that I had used grounded cayenne pepper to make dinner the night before. Some of it spilled on the floor and Asher must have stepped on it! I can’t tell you how relieved and embarrassed I was LOL. ugh, being a mom is BEYOND stressful!!

Anyways, we took Asher and Lincoln to the Mystic Aquarium in CT! I was both amazed and impressed with how nice it actually was. I expected it to be smaller than the one in Boston! We were all pleasantly surprised. The weather was perfect that day and we let the boys explore and lead the way. They both had SUCH a great time. We also took them to the Sea Lion show, which they loved!  I love going on adventures with them. One of the best parts was just how close the penguins were! Asher loves penguins. The exhibit in Boston is shows at quite a distance away but this one was perfect and close enough for the boys to get a great view.

I can’t believe how much time has passed and how much has changed in just 5 months! One week after these pictures were taken, we found out we were pregnant!

**(Also, shout out to the worlds best hubby for wearing a Finding Nemo hat with me so we could match the kids Finding Nemo Shirts LOL!)