Gender Reveal Party!!

Gender Reveal Party!!

What can I say.. I KNEW IT! I knew I was having a girl! I just knew it, felt that in my soul. I remember looking at the ultrasound for the very first time and thinking to myself “that is definitely a girl”.

A couple of weekends ago, Stephen and I had our gender reveal party and it was just amazing. My mom and sister planned the whole thing. Pregnancy brain is truly something else, I couldn’t make a decision about anything. I kept forgetting to do party related things and time just kept escaping me. Luckily my mom is queen of the kitchen, she cooked so much food for all of the guests. My aunt came from Canada to help her out with last minute cooking and to help host. My sister took care of all of the desserts and the decorations. We had a great amount of people come which was surprising to me because I told people about the party days before it actually happened. We were so impulsive and ended up changing the date last minute when I got an earlier doctor’s appointment. I just wanted confirmation on the gender SO bad lol. I had to tell everyone so last minute and everyday my mom would remind me to do that “have you contacted more people about your party?”, haha thank God for mamas!

Prior to the party when I was inviting friends/family, at the end of the text I wrote “spoiler alert, IT’S A GIRL!!!” HAHA, I was just so sure. When it was actually time for the party and everyone was casting their votes, I just couldn’t believe how many people were voting that I was having a boy!  It started to make me doubtful but then I just stuck to my gut feeling because I just knew.

Since I couldn’t make up my mind about anything my sister planned out all the details.  She got her cousin-in-law to stuff a star shaped piñata with the corresponding color associated with the baby’s gender. She attached a string to the bottom of the piñata so we could pull it and have the confetti come out. When time came and we pulled the string, the string came off and didn’t actually open the piñata haha! I lost control and just ripped open the piñata. When I saw that pink confetti, for a moment, I couldn’t even believe my eyes!  I WAS THRILLED!!! Stephen and I were just SO ridiculously happy. I know Stephen would have been happy either way, but he was worried that I would be sad I didn’t get a girl yet so he also wanted a baby girl too lol.

SO, now that we know we are having a girl I have planned on doing a serious purge. We are going to get rid of a lot of Asher’s old things, mostly clothes. Then we are going to do a major inventory check so we know what new things we need for the baby. I plan on making a checklist that I will be sharing on the blog. My checklist will be about what I needed for my first baby versus what I need for the second. I am not the most organized person but I am actually really excited about this big purge! Stephen says the more I get rid of the more things I can buy, YAY! This girl loves to shop!!!