Officially BACK!!

I am officially back! The last few months have been crazy busy but I have been working on so much behind the scenes. I have so many ideas and themes that I want to share. I currently have like 27 pending posts that I am currently wrapping up, YIKES!! I somehow managed to recruit my darling Stephen to help me. Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with things that I don’t even know where to start. I have a lot of content that I have envisioned and started to create. The problem is that instead of finishing one I start with another, next thing you know they are both halfway complete… hence why I have 27 pending. Oh boy. Stephen is helping me work on them one thing at a time now. They are all pretty much done but just have little things missing here and there.

The images pictured here were actually taken a year ago! See what I mean? I seriously have so many pictures stored in my archive! I am going through them and organizing them better so I can actually get these pending posts out. My goal is to start posting consistently and stop putting things off. I absolutely love to blog and write; I spend so much time writing and have come up with so many fun ideas for blog posts.

I wanted to add more to the blog and change the dynamic up a bit too. When I started this blog I just wanted to document my life and all of the changes that I go through in hopes to help and inspire others. That is still something that I want to do but without the tight restrictions. A lot of people were telling me I needed more of a focus on my blog. The more I thought about it, it just drove me crazy because anyone that knows me knows how much I truly cannot just focus on one thing haha. I want this to be more of a lifestyle blog with a mix of fashion, motherhood, my natural hair journey and random life lessons I have learned. I may not be as consistent with this blog as I would like but for now it is just a fun little outlet for me.

So anyways, the point of this post was to touch base and to start back up again, these past couple months have been so insanely hectic. I just wanted to write a post acknowledging it so that no one would think this is a normal thing. Now that I am back and ready to share more, I am super excited to finally get the posts out here. I will be doing a “Working Mom Update” soon. I will be sharing some of my challenges and what I have found that works out best for us!

I am trying to find a nice balance between motherhood, work, married life, and a social life so that is the journey I will be highlighting. If any of that interests you all, I would love for you to stick around. I have a feeling it will be an interesting ride. :)