Where Has The Time Gone?

My baby is officially 6 months old tomorrow! Time has seriously just flown by and I honestly cannot believe it! Before he was born everyone warned me that it would go by so fast, wish I understood what that meant then. These months have honestly been the best of my life, but i'll admit it there is just nothing that can prepare you for motherhood haha. It is everything I hoped it would be like and he is literally just a dream.  I haven't written a birth story so I will now.. better late than never?

Asher Clark Wright was born on October 21, 2015. I gave birth naturally, no epidural and no tearing- did not expect any of that! I pushed for about 10-15 minutes,around 6 times and BAM- baby was out into this world and I'm still in shock just thinking of the day. SHOCK. He was almost born at a gas station on the side of the road. Can you believe it? Everything was seriously a miracle in every way possible!!! I got to the hospital at 6:55pm and he was born at 7:25pm! What?! Yes, 30 minutes after we arrived at the hospital he was born Haha

It all just happened so fast that I didn't even get the chance for the epidural, I was already pushing when I got to the hospital. I wasn't even in labor that long which is the crazy part.. I woke up around 9:00am and saw that I got a text from my mom. She sent it to me at 7:00am saying that she had a dream that my son was going to be born that day! He appeared to her and said he was coming (how cool is that!). I called her when I woke up and she said that I needed to finish packing, shower, get ready, and to tell my husband ! Seriously that's how sure she was! So, of course I did. About two hours later I felt slight cramps around 11:00am, then I started spotting. By 3:30pm I was like "oh wow I think I'm in labor!" haha. Then by about 4:30pm I couldn't speak through the contractions and I couldn't sit up straight either. My mom told me to eat something and about half an hour later after I did that I threw up and she told my husband to bring me to the hospital because the baby was coming. This was 5:00/5:30pm at this point. My mom was seriously SO on top with everything and she just KNEW! My birth story was so similar to hers and my sisters so she just knew all of the signs.

I almost gave birth at a gas station because I was in such excruciating pain and there was crazy traffic so I had my husband pull over. I just needed to sit still and I wanted to use the restroom, he kept coming in and finally was like "we need to get going, this baby is coming!" and I was like "give me a fu*king minute" , he was like "sorry I can't". I was like dyingggggg, we left and we were luckily ten minutes away from the hospital. We finally arrived and barely filled out paperwork because we did the big stuff in advance and mailed it in the month prior! Thank God! 

By the time my husband had parked the car and came to meet me I was with one of the nurses. They realized that I was truly in labor and checked my vitals and brought me to the birthing room. All I could think about was how badly I wanted that epidural. Anyways, we get there and they said if I could handle the pain a little longer and push he would be here because I was already fully dilated! The pain felt stronger and stronger, I couldn't help but scream about, they then told me to channel the screaming to pushing. Stephen was like "he's basically here, just push!". I stopped screaming and pushed 6 times, hard, and he was born. Then, 39 seconds later, he cried and they gave him to me and I was in HEAVEN.

I was just so surprised because this is my first baby and everything happened so fast. We didn't mean to push it so much with the timing but I just progressed so fast with my labor. I'll never forget this experience. 

Mommin' ain't easy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.