70 Years Young!

We went to Canada to visit family for the weekend a few weeks ago for my aunts birthday, she is officially 70 years young!! It was a black and white affair, Great Gatsby style. My sister and a couple of my cousins planned the whole thing and it was such a blast. My Aunt had no idea about it so it was such a nice surprise. Her friends and family came from all over to surprise her, Florida, Boston and Ottawa, it was priceless. I love going to Canada so much, my whole family has been going since I was a baby and it never gets old! All of my family from my mothers side, except for my uncle, live there. This time we went during Easter weekend from Wednesday to Sunday. We celebrated my sisters birthday also and went to the Sugar Shack with all the cousins which was tons of fun. That Friday was Good Friday so we had a big family dinner and the day after was my aunts party. The whole weekend was totally worth the CRAZY 6 hour car ride. Picture this, two babies, five adults in a mini van completely packed with frozen fish and chicken at our feet, (not to mention other various foods and party supplies jingling in the trunk) haha. It's laughable now but man oh man was it PACKED. It took about 2 hours just to load the van! Boarder control sent us on our way so quickly because the kids were crying so loud LOL.  We arrived to my aunts house at about 2am, needless to say we were so excited to let the fun weekend festivities begin!