Muir Woods!

Muir Woods was one of my favorite adventures from our trip to California! I was truly terrified trying to get there though! It was a road full of crazy twists and turns going all the way up the mountain! There weren't any barriers protecting vehicles from falling off the cliffs!! I couldn't even look over when we were driving haha. Stephen kept wanting us to stop and get out of the car to take in the view. We did, but I was just envisioning my death in 101 ways haha. I was so ready to get back in the car every time. I was really that scared, Stephen kept telling me to look because the view was so beautiful, but I honestly couldn't for more than a few seconds at a time! I think it is safe to say that I have a fear of heights! haha. I am such a scardy cat, I kept telling myself that this might be the first and last time we visit because my heart couldn't handle another crazy trip like the one we had.

Muir Woods (a.k.a The Red Woods), was totally worth the trip to be completely honest. Everything just looked so magical there! The trees were sooo tall and beautiful! It made me realize that I need to start spending more time in nature. It is such a healthy distraction from anything that may be stressful in your everyday life. We had such a nice time just walking around, talking and just taking in the view. 

Next time, IF there is a next time because it was so scary getting there lol, I would love to spend the whole day there! When Asher is older I would love to see him exploring these woods and finding new places that we haven't seen. He has become so independent. He is such a good walker now! He loves to walk and chase after the dogs! He was so ready for a nap when we went so we had to keep him in the stroller. But next time for sure he will be exploring like the rest of us!