Surviving The City With A Baby

Surviving The City With A Baby


San Francisco, we meet again!

The last time I visited San Francisco was about 4 years ago. I went with Stephen, his sister and dad. We spent 2 weeks visiting family. It was my first time going so Stephen and his family were introducing me to the beautiful state of California. We started in L.A and then drove to San Francisco and then to Sacramento during our two week stay! This time we got to introduce Asher to it! 

When trying to explore a big city with a baby, you need to make sure you are well equipped and ready to go with the flow! Whatever your plans are, just don't be let down if they don't all get done or if things just don't go your way. Whenever I have a free day, I like to plan everything out so I can be as productive as possible. When I am making an agenda for the day though, I always go over the top lol. I don't necessarily expect to get it all done, but why does time pass by so quickly? During our trip, I planned everyday out and tried to find the most kid friendly adventures. Just because your a mom, doesn't mean you can't still have fun!

Here are a few family activities you can do to enjoy the outdoors.

1. Hanging out at the park.

Bring your baby carrier, strap your baby in & go! In doing so, we were able to walk around and relax at Alamo Square. Anyone who grew up watching Full House would be just as excited as I was to come here! These are the old Victorian houses that appear in the opening credits of the show. The homes are referred to as the Painted Ladies. They are across the street from Alamo Square. They weren't the actual houses that the Full House crew actually lived in though.  I just thought these were too pretty to not stop by. If you are visiting San Francisco and are absolutely dying to see their actual house then it's about a mile away from Alamo Square. Unfortunately for us, a majority of the park was closed for construction. There was a portion of it left available to hang out though. The park is leash optional so Asher got to meet some doggies and made a little friend also! It was nice to have the carrier with us because when we first got out of the car to do some walking, he was asleep. We didn't want to bring the stroller because we didn't want to travel with too much and he sleeps better when he is strapped to me anyways.

2. Head To The Beach.

Our next stop was actually unintended. We had a little spontaneous beach trip! We were driving around and saw this beautiful beach with the most darling sunset. We just had to stop by and take it in. It was actually under construction too! haha What are the odds, have you ever see a beach under construction? There were trucks everywhere.. random. Even though the beach was under construction, it was STILL just so beautiful! That's why I think it's so fun to just go with the flow sometimes. Anyways after this we finally made it to Lands End Lookout! 

3. Take A Nice Long Stroll.

A nice long stroll at Lands End Lookout was the perfect end to our day out. We had basically been driving around trying to find the perfect spot to see the Golden Gate Bridge. We stumbled upon Lands End Lookout and the view was so gorgeous, we just had to stop by. When we got there, Stephen swore that if we did some hiking/walking that we would see the Golden Gate Bridge. At this point, I was just about ready for a bite to eat and Asher was ready for a nap, but I said- what the hey. We put Asher in the stroller and start walking. I figured that Asher could enjoy the view and would fall asleep if he really couldn't hang. I got lazy after a while but Stephen was like " it has to be behind this bend" (for the tenth time) - LOW AND BEHOLD, there she was! I was just so happy that we finally made it! We got to rest and take in the view.   

After this little adventure we went to this hole in the wall sub shop and Asher passed out until we got home!

Despite our agenda being totally taken over by spontaneity, it was a perfect day spent with my loves<3