Grad School Graduate: Masters In Electrical Engineering!

Grad School Graduate: Masters In Electrical Engineering!

On May 19, 2018 my husband graduated from grad school and got his Masters in Electrical Engineering! I seriously could not be more proud of him and the amazing example he has already set for his kids. Asher walked around the whole arena calling for him and dragged my mom around to help him find out where Stephen was haha. They are basically inseparable. I brought Asher to the bleachers so he could see his dad and the other graduates, when he spotted him he lost it and wanted to sit with him immediately. That couldn’t happen so he was super sad and we had to take him outside. My mom was there with me and THANK GOD, she’s is the most patient angel and helped distract Asher the whole time so I could watch Stephen walk across the stage and get his diploma. When Stephen came outside to meet with us Asher was the HAPPIEST kid ever, as you can see haha.

The one thing Stephen always likes to tell me when I am freaking out about a goal is that “life is about the journey and not the destination”.  Upon reflection, I am just so impressed with him because his journey to get his masters was NOT an easy one, but so well deserved. He started a few years ago but SO much has changed in that little amount of time. He always talks about how he fears change but he has managed to conquer it every step of the way. When he first started out, him and I had just gotten married, then his father passed away and then we had a baby.. all 3 of which are major life events. He somehow managed to still thrive and push through that.  I remember how hard of a time he was having and how overwhelming things were getting with all that life had been throwing at us at once. He was working full time, had a newborn, AND in grad school, all while grieving. But he still pushed through it. Then shortly after that he left his job to start working at a new company which he is already EXCELLING in. Now, we have another baby on the way and his mother recently had a heart transplant (so you can imagine the trials he has faced)… this all took place within about 3 years mind you and he still managed to kick butt in his grad school program!!

Stephen truly is so strong willed and amazing. I say this all the time because I truly mean it, Asher and his baby sister don’t know how lucky they are to have him as a dad. We have been together for 9 years and he has taught me so much about life and myself. I always want to be the better version of myself to try to impress him as much as he impresses me. I can’t imagine where I would be without someone as incredible as him, and I’m so happy that I don’t ever have to.

A million congratulations to the most amazing guy around <3