WTF Mom Moments!

Sometimes I truly feel like I have it all figured it. Every once in a while Asher will give me pats on the back and it’s all the validation that I need. But other days, SMDH! I feel like it’s rarely a happy medium, everything is either running smoothly or it’s an utter disaster. I have had a series of “ WTF” mom moments and I thought I would share a few, cause moms- you’re not alone! I started writing this post a few months ago and somehow forgot about it until I recently stumbled upon it lol why am I terribly forgetful?...

A few months ago, Asher and I were having a rough day so we went for a drive. I took him out in hopes that he would fall asleep, but of course that day he just wouldn’t and that is super rare. We finally get home and he’s just chillen in the driveway with me, still in the car mind you. All of a sudden I see one of my dogs casually walk past the car and straight to the front door! Now I should mention that all 3 dogs should have been in the fenced in backyard. So NATURALLY I panic cause I’m like how THE F*CK did you get out?! So, I run out of the car barefoot (cause you know I was frantic). I start RUNNING onto the gravel to catch this (extremely calm, suspiciously calm) dog. I bring her inside and go back to the car and climb on top to call for my other two dogs. So Asher starts to freak out cause he’s thinking “mom, WTF!”. I’m calling, calling, calling these other two ratchet dogs and NOTHING! So I’m like dammit, they ran away!  I take Asher out of the car and run out back to check and NOTHING! Now I’m driving around town looking like a crazy person, frantic, calling out for them and still nothing. About 20 minutes later Stephen gets a call while he's at work that they are found and had been captured by animal control, so of course he leaves work to handle this situation. After getting a hold of the verification of their medical records, paying the cost of dog licenses, and paying the fine, they were finally home! We always joke around about how my dog, Henrietta, is a fugitive and now she officially has a criminal record lol sorta. Needless to say, Asher didn’t nap that day and was totally thrown off his schedule… but our dogs got great exercise from all that running around, smh.

Then there was the time that I thought it would be a good idea to let Asher walk around the house nakie before a bath, of course he pees. I clean it up and I’m like cool, no biggie! Then the inevitable happens,  he poops…. TWICE! But that’s still not as bad as the time that I let him play around with the Amazon Prime remote control. My husband got an email notification saying that about $250 was charged on his account. He’s telling me this and I’m genuinely confused, thinking it’s like identity theft, I’m screaming fraud! Turns out my son, happy hands McGee over here, was ordering NON- REFUNDABLE gaming coins on Amazon! I nearly fainted. After a few calls later we got them to erase the charges .. PHEW! I never would have heard the end of that one haha.

AND THEN a few months ago Asher was just super fussy so we decided to take him out and have him walk around the mall. We went to get dessert at the food court from Dairy Queen, as we were heading out of the mall of course Asher decides to have a meltdown.. So instead of dealing with this episode I convinced Stephen to sit with me on a bench nearby and eat our dessert.. meanwhile Asher was kicking and screaming on the floor. It was pretty romantic actually,  watching passerby’s stare at us with judgement while sitting side-by-side chowing down LOL jk.. anyways sometimes a warm brownie is all a mama needs to collect herself, OKAY! :p

Speaking of meltdowns, Asher loves to have his in the most public settings. Stephen and I went to New York a few months ago. We were leaving our hotel room and headed into the elevator with all of our things ready to go home. This elevator is PACKED, it is New York after all. We squeeze into the elevator and Asher wanted to hit every single button in the elevator, of course we didn’t let him. So he naturally has a meltdown in this packed New York elevator. He’s just laying there on the disgusting floor, spread out starfish style screaming and crying uncontrollablly on what felt like the LONGEST elevator ride EVER! Fun times..

Lastly, this happens almost every time I drop Asher off at daycare. No matter how early/late I get there, I find myself pealing myself out of there 30-45 minutes after arriving. I honestly never realize how much time has passed until I get in my car. No, it is not because he doesn’t want me to leave, he’s usually laughing and doing his own thing. I just love watching him, like a damn creep smh. I like watching him play with his friends and watching him share things with them or sit with him while he eats. I will also chat with his teachers or the parents for progress updates. Sometimes Asher pushes me out of there or will give me a kiss and say “bye mommy”, and then I get the hint LOL. The first thing I do when I get home after work is read the notes the school sends about the details of his day cause it makes me feel like I was part of his day somehow. O.o tell me I’m not the only one who does this? Lol anyways after every drop off when I get into my car and check the time I always think to myself “WTF I thought I was only in there for 5 min!!!” gah.

I could seriously go on for days with my WTF mom moments…

Ok mama’s, your turn!


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