2nd Trimester Bumpdate

As I mentioned in my previous post, the second trimester has had its ups and downs. I just wanted to share some of the experiences I have had and some differences I have noticed between this pregnancy and my last. I’ve had some really intense aches and pains on my ligaments/groin area since the start of my second trimester with this pregnancy. My last pregnancy the aches and pains started much later on in the third trimester. My doctor was telling me that with the second pregnancy these things start sooner and last throughout the pregnancy. I would also get shooting pains/ growing pains on the left side of my belly which were never fun. Sometimes it would feel like a project just to stand up because of all of the aches. Whenever I would lay on one particular side and get up, I would feel all the aches on the opposite side of my body. I have been feeling a little bit better lately. My doctor has suggested doing pregnancy yoga and seeing a chiropractor which I have started. Pregnancy Yoga makes such a difference! I just need to do it more often! I still need to look out for a chiropractor.  One of my friends, Darshna, got me a pregnancy massage. I am SO excited to get that done!! I meant to with my last pregnancy and never got around to actually doing it, but I heard they were amazing.

 I still had bouts of nausea here and there but nothing at all like my first trimester. I have been stressing about doing a big cleaning purge as well. I need to get rid of so many things and also do an inventory check to see what we need. I am also trying to figure out what I want to do for the baby nursery, ahh! I have also gained some of my energy back but as a toddler mom, I am just always completely exhausted! We are also planning on having a “Spoiled Brat Party” for Asher! We want to throw him a big party before he’s no longer an only child. I am actually really excited about it. Stephen and a couple of my best friends have come up with the idea and it couldn’t be more perfect. I wanted to do something special for him so this will be great.

Now for the cravings! I am addicted to ice chips. I was the same way when I was pregnant with Asher. I loved the Market Basket “ICE ICE ICE” brand back then but these days I’m loving the ice chips from work. I know it’s just water but man is it the most delicious ever lol! Something about ice chips are so addicting!  I LOVE cold Poland Springs water too, I find that it tastes better than others. My guilty pleasure has been Asher’s ice pops. He loves them so much but so do I, so when he’s not looking I’ll sneak them or I’ll wait until he goes to sleep and inhale them. I started getting worried because I couldn’t find many in store as often at one point, but the pregnancy gods had my back (and so didn’t my mama, who actually hunted them down for me haha). I could also eat tangerines ALL day.. although after about 4 my stomach starts to feel funny lol. I have been absolutely spoiled for dinner time! There are nights when I will obviously be cooking but on my lazy days, which have happened quite often as of late, I have been ordering the salmon dinner from Casa Blanca (Mexican Restaurant)! It is absolutely to die for. At one point in my pregnancy I HATED salmon but that has obviously gone away. Also, I have hated eggs since the third grade, but as of late I SERIOUSLY can’t get enough! Stephen has been making them for me and I just absolutely love them, isn’t that so odd? What is it about pregnancy that makes you crave things you otherwise hate??

Around this point in my pregnancy with Asher, my face, chest, and belly were SO dark due to hyperpigmentation. This time around nothing has changed yet but we will see. My skin is also clear this pregnancy which is a major change from the last pregnancy because I was constantly broken out. This is pretty random but I have also had this one eye, my right eye, that is just always watering and I have no idea why. It’s just in a permanent start of emotion, just prepared to cry at any moment I guess hahaah. Also, when I was pregnant with Asher my voice had changed! It got so much deeper and everyone would ask me if I was sick all the time or what was up with my voice. Luckily my voice has gone back to normal, a little bit, and nothing has changed about that during this pregnancy.

I have been trying to talk to Asher about the new baby. Whenever I show him my belly he calls it a butt and just starts laughing LOL. The last time I got an ultrasound Asher heard the baby’s heartbeat and he yelled “That’s my mommy!” haha he just had to let his baby sister know!

I was worried about being pregnant while having a toddler because I knew I wouldn’t be as energetic or capable of getting as much done around the house as I needed too. But damn, daddio really stepped it UP. After dinner I usually mellow out on the couch which usually leads to me falling asleep to whatever Asher is watching. Then Stephen starts doing the night time routine with Asher; bath time, pj’s, books then puts him to sleep. AND THEN he cleans up around the house and brings me to bed. He has been completely amazing. In the morning he’s been getting me breakfast or, as of late, making me scrambled eggs with croissants and jam- just how I like it. Seriously he has been a dream! I feel completely taken care of and lucky that I don’t have to stress about getting Asher down for the night, or cleaning the house, or fixing breakfast, or always worrying about dinner-- all huge events when you have a kid. The only downside is that some nights I have just been so tired that I don’t get to see Asher before he goes to bed and that kills me.

Well, that just about sums up my second trimester! Hoping this third trimester is a lot less stressful :) I can’t believe how close we are to meeting baby girl!!!