Beach Trip!

Silly me, this whole time I thought Agape was always dirty.. turns out it's just a tan :p

A few Sundays ago, the boys and I had a much needed daycation! I think it’s so important to have those. I had SO much fun planning all the little details, I just wanted to share some pictures from that day. We spent the day just relaxing, sleeping, and turning into dark chocolate cocoa while lounging in the sand. I couldn’t believe how dark Asher got! (yes, he had sun screen applied every 3 hours, calm down lol). We were mostly just so excited to take Asher because it was his first real beach day! He had gone a couple times beforehand but they were all pretty quick. We wanted to give him a full on experience. We had all the beach toys handy, sunscreen, towels, swim diapers. I was so so happy that we actually coordinated a full on beach day without forgetting anything. We had a cooler full of drinks and sandwiches and treats all packed away. Asher has a few really cute crocs that my fairy Godmother got him, they were perfect for our trip.  I honestly can’t believe how much I love crocs these days! I seriously used to hate them all these years until Stephen got me HOOKED, but there is no denying, they were literally the perfect beach shoe.

I was also so impressed with Asher’s level of independence! He played by himself the entire time. He has been super independent for a while now, but the beach trip just really impressed me. He loved the beach toys, he just sat quietly playing in the sand for over 1.5 hours.Whenever he saw us eating he would run over, that was literally the only time he came to us lol. When we were done eating Stephen took him in the water. He LOVED chasing the birds. I was so impressed by how fearless he was of the water, it was actually quite frightening (which reminds me I have to sign him up for swim lessons again- so Stephen when you read this please remind me lol). ANYWAYS. The water was so cold upon arrival and he was shocked, he was making the cutest faces ! Stephen held him and they both went in. He would run in and out with him and Asher would just shout “AGAIN, AGAIN!”.

After that we were just warming up and relaxing. Asher ended up falling asleep for a couple hours and Stephen and I went for a walk. I had to get my fried dough and he wanted to test out different pizza places lol.

It was just such a perfect day and exactly what we needed. The week prior was so hectic and stressful, but whenever I thought about our upcoming daycation it honestly got me though the week.