Claire lately..

I'm not entirely sure how coherent this post is going to be since I haven't gotten much sleep in the past few days. Mr. baby is sick and teething :( I am actually just getting back from the ER right now! He had a weird allergic reaction to something THREE times today! Originally I thought it was the sweet potato that I gave him today because that's when I first noticed his cherry red leg. I gave him a nice warm bath and put him down for a nap and then went to check on him and noticed that his cheek, neck, arms and leg had hives! I was so worried so obviously I ran over to the DoctorsExpress since his doctors office was closed. So we give him Benedryl and he seemed to have gotten better. Later on in the evening after a little nap I noticed his bright red cheeks, hives behind his ears and face and arms and legs again today so I brought him to the ER. We are so exhausted since we haven't slept in a few days because his poor gums have been bothering him and he cant settle himself. Teething is the worst, he has had bad fevers and the sweats and a rash. Poor little lamb.

I have also been trying to work with my hair. I haven't mention this transition going on with my hair because I am waiting to fully address it. Basically I am transition my hair from relaxed to natural and it has been a STRUGGLE! I am too scared to do the big chop so I decided to transition my hair. It is NOT fun, i'll say that much. I am just constantly going back and fourth with just cutting it all off because it is such a hassle otherwise. I have relaxed my hair since I was 13 so I am having to learn how to treat and deal with my natural hair after almost 14 years! I know I will love the end result and that it will all be worth it but I have to admit I have felt so insecure about how crazy my hair has been looking lately. (especially tonight when I showed up at the ER literally looking like a lunatic since I was frantic over my sick baby, tired and had unmanaged-uncombed puffy hair that was larger than life.

That ends my rant. I meant to post this a few days ago but fell asleep before I got the chance haha. I have decided to do the BIG chop next month- more updates to come! Mister baby is also feeling SO much better, so I am one happy mama<3