Weekend Slumber Parties

Weekend Slumber Parties

How cute are these two? I swear, from the moment Asher met Lincoln he has wanted to be his best friend! Since Lincoln was the cooler "older" cousin he wasn't too interested at first, but look at them now haha. Some of my favorite pictures are of younger Asher laughing and smiling so big when looking at his big cousin. Now that Asher can walk and has a much bigger personality, I think Lincoln doesn't mind hanging out wit him so much lol.

Just last weekend when Lincoln slept over Asher kept tickling him and being super goofy an Lincoln was just over it haha. Asher is literally the typical little brother. I love watching them play together (and by play what I really mean is Asher following him around, trying to tickle him or take his toys).

Whenever Lincoln is sleeping over I always try to take them out to do something fun all weekend together. I love taking them to story-time at the library where they get to dance and participate with the interactive stories. I also bring them to the children's center to read books or play on the computers or even with the toys there. After their naps we like going to the park or even the play centers at the mall (basically anywhere that will tire the both of them out haha). Anyways after a day full of adventures I asked Lincoln what his favorite part was and he said "jumping on the trampoline"... (yes, he was referring to the one in our living room! haha) I always spend so much time planning a fun activity but I am realizing now that simplicity always wins! lol

So boys, I hope either one of you are reading this in the future (here's to hoping! lol). I know you guys will still be the best of friends,. so remind each other that sometimes simplicity is the best remedy & you don't need to over complicate things.

Lastly, I got these matching pj's at Kohls for SUCH a good deal! They were on a super sale for $6.00 and I had a 30% off coupon so they each came out to $4.20!! SCORE haha